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Blueberry Bites (Chocolate covered Maine Blueberries)

(120mg thc per package) $32

Cajun or Sweet party mix

3 oz. package (10mg thc per package) $8


(2 per package) (25mg per package/12.5mg per piece) $7

Hard Candies

(thc blend may vary) (10 pieces per package) (100mg thc/10mg per piece) $20

Dark Chocolate Bar 0.77 ounce bar

(100mg thc per bar, 10mg thc per piece) $30

Peanut butter cups (1oz)-Indica

(75 mg thc) $10

Peppermint patties

(2 per package) (75mg thc per patty/150mg thc per package) $20

Lemon-basil shortbread cookie

(2 per package) (25mg per cookie) $14

Krispy treats

(2 per package) (50mg per treat/25mg per serving) $14


(2 per package) $14-30/Price varies with THC potency options
Dark chocolate chunk
Mint chocolate chip
Peanut butter

Honey Pot

$60 per 4.5 ounce jar w/ 53mg of thc per serving
(2tbs per serving)
Price varies, as we will infuse your Maine honey
With any of our strains we are growing.

Downeast  Canna-Butter logs

4oz. per log $25-50. Price varies on potency.

Downeast (keurig-style cup)

Single serving thc infused coffee 6 per pack

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