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CBD Oil Infused Cider


We all know that any alcoholic drink is not recommended for anyone!!!

However with that said people are still going to drink and they should drink the most healthy alcoholic drink sold

Finest Core is the healthiest alcoholic drink on the market for your health and weight control made even better CBD infused

Apple Cider Benefits

Like apples, apple cider has many health benefits. The health benefits of apples and apple cider come from the fruit’s phytochemicals. Phenolics, flavonoids and carotenoids from apples may play a key role in reducing instances of some chronic diseases, according to a study published in the May 2004 issue of “Nutrition Journal.” People who consume apples regularly in the diet are at lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Apples are also a source of antioxidants, which protect the body from damage caused by free radicals in the environment.

Cider is unpasteurized, unfiltered juice from apple mash — it contains the juice with sediment and pulp from the fruit. This differs from the apple juice that you buy in the store, which is filtered to remove sediment and pasteurized to improve shelf life. Apples are a healthy, nutritious food selection and cider offers a distinctive way to take advantage of some of the benefits.


Flavonoids are antioxidants found in apples and also in the cider. Antioxidants help cells fight against free radical damage. Free radicals can occur naturally in the body or come from an environmental source, such as sunlight. Antioxidants, such as flavonoids, can neutralize free radicals before they have a chance to do damage. Flavonoids may also help fight chronic illness, such as cancer and heart disease. Silvina Lotito, P.h.D from the Linus Pauling Institute points out that the antioxidants found in apples and apple products can reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and thrombotic stroke, as well.


One advantage cider has over apple juice is the pulp. Apples are an excellent source of dietary fiber. You lose this benefit when you drink the juice, because the fiber is in the meaty part of the fruit. Cider offers pulp and sediment that will contain fiber. Drinking apple cider can help increase your daily dietary fiber intake to improve digestion and lower blood cholesterol. Fiber also helps you feel full and may suppress the appetite.

Fruit Serving

Apple cider offers some nutritional value; specifically, it is a high source of potassium. MyFitnessPal reports that one commercial apple cider contains 190 mg of potassium per serving. Total calories are around 120 per 8-oz. glass. This includes 15 mg of sodium, 26 g of sugar and 28 g of carbohydrates. Cider provides 4 percent of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C and iron. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you eat between three and five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. A glass of cider would count as one serving.

What is the story of Johnny Appleseed?

John Chapman, who became the American folk hero known as Johnny Appleseed, planted apple trees during his 50 years of traveling throughout the Midwest. Moving west ahead of the settlers, he established nurseries and planted orchards, which he later sold.

Born in 1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts, Chapman began his travels in 1792. Legend says he always carried a leather bag filled with apple seeds. Legend also says he dressed in old coffee sacks with the arms cut out and wore a cooking pot as a hat. This may or may not be true, but he traded settlers his apple trees for their old clothes. He rarely wore shoes, even in winter, and he preferred to sleep outside. What the legend usually leaves out is that the apple trees he grew produced small, tart apples used mostly to make hard cider.

Johnny Appleseed was born John Chapman in 1775. Around 1800, he began planting apple orchids over 100,000 square miles of Midwestern frontier in what is now parts of Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. His orchards were built from seeds that were not grafted, meaning they weren’t the seeds of apples to be eaten; rather, these were sour, bitter apples meant for cider. Apple cider at the time was a popular beverage among settlers.

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